The young gamer's remarkable acheivement was published on YouTube-streamer and Fortnite content creator SypherPK's channel early Wednesday morning.

What started out as a claim from SypherPK towards fellow YouTuber Typical Gamer that he could find, what he called, "an unknown demon" to take the Canadian streamer out in a Fortnite Battle.

The stakes were raised a few months back when Typical Gamer said the loser must stream live sitting in a ice bath. If SypherPK's champion would lose, the popular content creator would have to take the plunge.

And it just so happens that his champion was 18 year old Albin Kristiansen from Kongsvinger.

– The duel is scheduled to be shown during a live session on YouTube on the 10th of May. Whoever won will be revealed there and then, says Albin Kristiansen (18) to Glåmdalen.

– Do you have a suitcase?

– Do you have a suitcase? asked SypherPK.

– Yes, I think so, Albin answered.

– Because you're going to need it. Do you know why you're going to need it? Because you're flying to L.A to face off against Typical Gamer. You're the one. You are the champion. You're going to have a chance to beat Typical Gamer in front of millions of people, SypherPK told the young man from Kongsvinger.

That was the conversation between SypherPK and Albin Kristiansen during the competition finals on Wednesday morning.

The YouTuber got his sponsors Lenovo Legion and AMD in on the showdown with Typical Gamer. And they provided giveaways and help with the global search. And who would eventually fly the winner to L.A.

– He wanted to test my skills

Albin goes by the nickname FishaGG, and just Fisha among friends. He was singled out from an enormous global network of Fortnite-enthusiasts. He has been tested, prepped and even met SypherPK himself in an online Fortnite session.

– It was because Sypher wanted to test my skills, Albin explains.

Champions and streamers from all over the world was asked to provide a selection of the best Fortnite players from their own regions. Endre «Endretta» Byre from Stavanger was tasked with finding skilled players in Scandinavia. He chose 18 year old Albin from Kongsvinger.

– I was prepped by Endretta. At the end of the competition we were only six players, from all over the world, left. And then three. After I had faced SypherPK himself I was asked if I had a suitcase, Albin says.

How the showdown went will be revealed on the 10th of May on SypherPK's YouTube channel - which has got close to six million subscribers. The video will show the duel between Typical Gamer and SypherPK's «the unknown gamer», who is none other than our very own FishaGG from Kongsvinger.

As of Saturday, the video where Albin gets his golden ticket has close to one million viewers. At the end of the video you can see Albin's showdown with SypherPK himself.